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We make the very best hand made luxury farmhouse puddings.Click here to find out all about us. Helen Colley - Queen of Puddings.Click here to read her story. My Grandma Anderson knew a thing or two about making delicious puddings!Click here to read the full article.
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Helen Colley, a strong willed 18 year old fresh from catering college, set up the Farmhouse Fare outside catering business with little more than a £250 bank loan, her parents’ farmhouse kitchen and a refrigerated van. Local hotels and restaurants were the first to take her homemade cuisine including cakes and puddings, but gradually orders started coming in for full functions such as weddings, corporate entertainment and even catering for Royal events!

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Tradition runs deep in this part of the North and our home & kitchen, Anderson House, are named after Helen’s grandmother Janet Anderson, who features on most of our packaging, as does Helen Colley, Founder and Brand Ambassador.

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Our Luxury Puddings

Comforting hot sponge puddings will always be a favourite at mealtimes to pull the family
together - even more
so in the winter months
and Farmhouse Fare has a variety to suit
all moods.
Keeping true to hand baked methods, Farmhouse Fare’s product ingredients could have come straight from your own kitchen cupboard; such as quality Belgian dark chocolate, butter, hand sifted flour and milk. One secret that has slipped out is the use of 20% dates in all the sponge mixes, which gives the puddings their unique moistness.

Our Pudding Range

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