It was Helen Colley’s passion for puddings that founded Farmhouse Fare. Helen developed recipes based on the sweet treats her grandmother made, using locally sourced ingredients and hand crafted methods, baking the puddings on her family’s farm in professionally converted barns. One product that stood out was a sumptuous sticky toffee pudding; a pudding so wonderfully gooey and tasty it won the hearts of local customers and businesses across the North West of England.

As demand grew, the converted barns were no longer a viable option for the expanding business so new premises were found in Clitheroe, a market town in rural Lancashire, and so Farmhouse Fare Ltd was born.


Our passion for puddings continues to grow. Farmhouse Fare puddings are created with care to traditional, authentic recipes. Bringing warmth and comfort, our puddings are made with families and couples mealtimes in mind. Our sharing sizes will bring your friends and family rushing to the dinner table as they smell the warm buttery aromas rising from a hot and sticky pudding.

Our twin packs are microwaveable, offering convenience and portion control whilst keeping the same flavoursome taste. Our traditional and hand finished methods are honed to perfection to ensure a luxurious, rich and moist product reaches you every time.

Keeping true to hand baked methods, Farmhouse Fare’s product ingredients could have come straight from your own kitchen cupboard such as quality Belgian dark chocolate, butter, demerara sugar and, of course, dates.

End your meal on a sweet happy note with a gorgeous hot pudding from Farmhouse Fare.